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Are you Facing Verizon Router Yellow Light Issue and have not found any right solution Yet?

Then your search ends here, as here in this article we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide on fixing any light issue related to the Verizon router. So, if you are interested then make sure to read the full guide carefully.

Additionally, we also covered some important points that you need to take care of while fixing the Verizon Router Yellow Light.

Now, without wasting your time let’s fix your Verizon Router, but before fixing it let’s check what exactly the yellow light on the Verizon router means –

What does Verizon Router Yellow Light Means?

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If your Verizon Fios Router is showing Yellow light then it means that your Router is facing any internet connectivity issue. It can be because of your Routers ISP, the modem, or the cable-related issue.

It is one of the most common issues that every individual face with his/her router, which means that you don’t need to worry as this can be solved just by going through our step-by-step guide on fixing the Verizon FiOS router yellow light.

How to Fix The Blinking Yellow Light on Your Fios Router?

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To Fix Verizon Router Yellow Light, we have tons of ways, but in today’s topic, we are going through Seven 100% Working methods that are tried and confirmed by Verizon as well as by our experts.

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Before going through all the steps, we will advise you to go with an overview that what methods we are going to discuss. As it will be easy for you to choose the easiest way for you:

  • Reebooting
  • Checking the ethernet cables
  • Restarting
  • Check for overheating
  • Contact customer support

Reboot Your Router

The first and the foremost troubleshooting method to fix your Verizon Router Yellow Light is to Reboot your router. The Reboot will clean your router’s cache (short-term memory) and will help it to run more smoothly,

Following are the steps, on how to reboot Verizon router:

Plug out your Router’s electricity supply to power off and wait for at least 30 seconds >> After 30 seconds, plug in your Router’s electricity supply and power it on >> It will take some time to successfully reboot.

Important Note: If your router is having battery backup support, then make sure to disconnect the battery before rebooting.

Most of the time Rebooting the device gives a satisfying result.

But, if the router is still showing the Yellow light instead of the Solid White light, then it means that you need to go with another method.

Check The Ethernet Cable

Well, one of the most common reasons behind yellow lights on Verizon FiOS router is due to any issue with the ethernet cable. As you know the ethernet cables bring internet connectivity to our router and sometimes if they get loose or get damaged, then at that time we usually face internet connectivity issues.

So, to check the working position of our ethernet cables, we need to remember that are 2 reasons that can create a mess with cables, one is because of loose cables and the second because of damaged cables. So we need to check out both things.


Following are the points, that you need to go through to check is your ethernet cable is working or not:

  • Check is the Ethernet Cables are pugged in Properly: Check the back of your Verizon Router, there you will find the ethernet cables, here you need to check if any cable is plugged out or has loose connectivity, if you are not able to find it, then you try by slightly pushing the cable in.

Note: It will take a few seconds approx 30-40 seconds to see the results.

I Hope, this way has solved the problem, if not then you can go with the next way.

Restart your Verizon Router

Restarting a router is the best way to troubleshootany issue as it will reset your device’s previous setting and data and most of fixes the problem too.

Following are the steps, that you need to follow to reset your Router:

  • On the back side of the router, you will find a reset button. Use a pen or any clip to press the button and hold for at least 10-20 seconds and the reset process will start.
  • Then it will take a few minutes to reset and reboot
  • After the successful reset, the router will turn on and will get back to the working position.

Remember: A Reset will clear all the changes (like your Router Username and password) that you had made with your router.

Check if the Router is Overheating

Another common reason behind poor internet connectivity is due to overheating of routers. As sometimes if the router gets overheated then it may interrupt connectivity too.

So, if you think that your router is overheated then, what you can do is the power it off and wait for a few minutes until it gets back to normal temperature.

Remember: If your router has a battery backup then make sure to disconnect it with the battery before turning it off.

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Tip: We will advise you to place your router in an open-air place, so it will save your router from overheating.

Verizon Router Customer Support

Verizon Router Yellow Light – Cover360Gadgets (3)

Well, the last option to fix your Verizon Router Yellow Light is to contact their customer support. Verizon customer support is 24*7 ready to get the issue fixed.

You can contact Verizon Customer support on:

Call – 800-922-0204

Their Web Chat Page – Contact

We advise you to call at 8:15 am as at that time there is a high chance of getting our issue solved as soon as they can.

You can also contact us, to solve your issue on our Contact us page or comment on your issue below, and we will try to solve your issue as fast as possible.

Is Verizon Down?

Well, sometimes preplanned maintenance is done to fix and update the servers of the router and upgrade its performance and during this time we usually face a lot of poor network issues.

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Before maintenance, all the users are informed about the update, but if you didn’t receive one, then you can check it by login in on their official web page.

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FAQs on Verizon Router Yellow Light

What does Verizon Router Yellow Light Mean?

Well, if your Verizon Router is blinking Yellow light then it means that your Router is facing any internet connectivity issue. It can be because of the wrong ISP, the modem, or any cable-related issue.

What color should the status light on my Verizon router be?

Well, different routers show different colors as a status of good working position and in Verizon router, it is White color. This means that if the Verizon router is showing white light then it means that your router is in a good working position.

When Should I replace my old router?

Experts recommend that we should replace our router after every five years. As the router is a part of our life better performance and after a certain time we need to get a much better experience for internet browsing.

We will advise you to replace your router only when you have any issue related to a poor internet connection, poor connectivity, or any other big issue.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you face a Verizon Router Yellow Light issue then you can try the above-mentioned methods, but if they didn’t work for you then you can go with the Verizon customer support method. That is the last and one-stop solution for all your issues related to the Verizon router.

But, if it helped you then make sure to give us a reward by sharing us on social media, so they can also learn how to fix Verizon Router Yellow Light and check our related troubleshooting articles.

Thanks for reading.

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