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Routers and extenders come with an array of LEDs, which blink different colors for different statuses.

Unfortunately, I was confused most of the time, with my Verizon Fios equipment flashing colors randomly.

But once I got to know the purpose of each of these colors, inferring what the lights meant became an easy task.

White, blue, green, yellow, and red are the different colors used by Verizon device LEDs to indicate different statuses.

Each color indicates different modes of operation, faults, etc.

A solid yellow light on your Verizon Fios router indicates that there is no internet connection.

When this happens, you can try checking the Ethernet connection and the broadband cables or reboot the router.

If these solutions don’t work, try contacting Fios support for re-establishing the connection.

A solid yellow light on your Verizon Fios extender indicates that it is in pairing mode, and the blinking lights vary their speed depending on the distance from the extender to the router so you can find the correct position for the extender.

How to Fix The Blinking Yellow Light on Your Fios Router

The following steps can be done when your router flashes a yellow color:

Reboot the Router

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The first step you take when your internet connectivity is down is to try rebooting or restarting your router.

Follow the given steps to reboot your Verizon router:

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  • Turn off the power to your router. If your router has a backup battery, do not forget to disconnect and reconnect this as well.
  • Wait 30 seconds to turn the power back on and allow the router to boot up (indicated by the LED blinking in white color).

Rebooting solves the connectivity issue almost 80 percent of the time.

The yellow internet light will change to solid white, and you will see that your Internet is restored.

Check if your Router is Overheating

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If your router is heating up, it will be evident in your internet connectivity.

Internet interruption, reduced internet speed, etc., are some of the effects of the router getting overheated.

You can cool down your router by turning off the router’s power supply.

If there is any backup battery, inverter, etc., do disconnect your router from that too.

You can also relocate the router to an area with sufficient airflow to prevent the router from heating up again.

Check Ethernet and Broadband Cables

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This brings back some memories. A few months ago, on an abrupt morning, I lost my internet connectivity at home.

I checked the router to see that the status light was shining yellow. I rebooted my router but to no avail.

As a next step, I checked the back of my router to see that some animal, probably a rat, damaged both my Ethernet and Broadband cables.

I had to request for a technician to come and replace the cables. As soon as the repair guy replaced the cables, the connectivity was re-established.

So, the next step should be checking whether the cables going to your router are intact or not.

The Ethernet and fiber optic cables that let you connect to the Internet are usually located at the back of your router.

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Check whether both of these cables are still undamaged. The cables can also be affected by wear and tear from long-time use.

So, replacing these cables in a few years would be recommended.

While you check for damage to the cable, check that the cables are not loosely connected to the router.

If the connections are loose, you can tighten them yourself or call for technical assistance.

How To Fix a Fios Extender’s Yellow Light

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Solid Yellow Light

The extender will light up a solid yellow to indicate that it is ready to pair with the Fios router when in wireless mode.

To continue the connection process, press and hold the front buttons on both the router and the extender for at least 5 seconds.

The lights on both devices will start blinking blue while the connection initiates.

Blinking Yellow Light

The blinking yellow light indicates how far the extender is from the router. When it blinks faster, the extender is too close to the router.

When the blinking slows down, it means that the extender is too far away from the router.

Finding the optimum distance between the extender and router will make the blinking yellow light go away.

Fixing the G3100 Router’s Yellow Light

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The yellow light on the G3100 router indicates that the internet connection has been lost.

This can be due to a variety of reasons from a service provider issue, or inclement weather, or even rodents chewing up your wires.

Since there are quite a few possibilities as to why this happened, there are quite a few fixes as well, and most of them are pretty straightforward.


First, try rebooting your router. If it doesn’t work, reset the router by holding down the reset button, and setting it up again.

If all of this doesn’t work, chances are it is either a provider issue or a hardware issue.

The best bet would be to contact Fios support and explain your situation.

Contact Fios Support

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If the above steps prove futile, you will have to contact your Internet Service Provider.

Every once in a while, maintenance has to be done at the ISP’s end for a short period, during which the Internet won’t be up.

In such cases, the service provider will usually let you know of such interruptions beforehand.

So, if you are not notified of a maintenance break and your Internet is down, you can contact your ISP and inquire about it.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait out this maintenance break- there is no other solution to it.

Note: If none of the above steps work, you can reset your Verizon router. Resetting will resolve many of your internet issues.

You can reset your router by pressing the reset button at the back of your router continuously for 20 seconds.

It will take a few minutes for the rebooting to happen.

Once the reboot is complete, your internet connectivity will be restored.

When you are preparing to do a factory reset, make sure that you have your login credentials with you, so that setting your router again becomes easier.

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Resetting has some added benefits:

  • It will remove all the unwanted cache data on your device.
  • It will stop any ongoing attacks from hackers or any other malicious agents.

The only downside with resetting the router is that resetting will return it to its factory settings.

Getting Your Internet Back Is Only Part Of The Battle

If you have tried everything above, and it still doesn’t work, then you should assume that the router needs repair.

Request for technical assistance so that you can get your router back on its feet as soon as possible.

To be on the safe side, you should cover your Ethernet and Broadband cables with some protective sheathing so that rodents, insects, or other creatures don’t damage them.

Perform routine checkups to ensure that the safety of the cables is not compromised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will resetting my router mess up my Internet?

Resetting will turn your router back to factory settings so that you will have to set the password, enter your credentials, set up your internet settings, among a few other things, from scratch.

Other than that, resetting the router causes no specific impact on your Internet.

When Should I replace my old router?

Routers usually show faults in their operation such as internet speed reduction, abrupt disconnecting, weakening of signal strength in various locations, or in the worst case, they stop working all of a sudden.

When these occur, it means that the time has come to buy a new router.

What color should the status light on my Verizon router be?

The status light on your Verizon router should be white for normal operation.

Blinking blue color indicates that the router is ready to pair, while a solid blue color indicates that the pairing has been successful.


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