10 TV Drama Characters Who Deserved Better Endings (2023)

Every fan has their favorite TV character, but in drama shows, many of these characters face terrible fates. Whether they revert to their old ways, face an untimely death, or end up stuck in a bad relationship, some characters don't get the ending they deserve.

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Many drama TV series wrap up a character's storyline with an unsatisfying or out-of-character conclusion. Since characters are such an integral part of TV, they're often the ones who suffer the worst fate. Fans are vocal about their feelings toward certain characters' endings, but it's a symptom of dramatic and scandalous storytelling.



10 Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)

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Gossip Girl's premiere marked a new era of television, as the show introduced fans to the scandalous, dramatic, and mysterious lives of New York's elite. The anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, constantly humiliated "it girl" Serena van der Woodsen. Throughout Gossip Girl's six-season run, Serena changed for the better and tried to make a name for herself without falling victim to New York's Upper East Side.

Serena was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Dan Humphrey, who turned out to be Gossip Girl. Fans hoped Serena would drop him and New York, but Serena ended up marrying Dan, which upset and shocked fans.

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9 Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Fans and critics alike consider Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad one of the best TV series of the 21st century. The series follows Bryan Cranston's Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer, who turns to a life of crime and drug dealing to take care of his family.

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Walter's downward spiral turned him into a dangerous criminal. Walter dies in Breaking Bad's finale, even though fans believed he deserved to experience a comfortable life alongside his family and newborn for a little while. After all, Walter only got involved in crime so his family was comfortable after he passed.

8 Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)

10 TV Drama Characters Who Deserved Better Endings (3)

Based on Sara Shepard's novel series of the same name, Pretty Little Liars follows a mysterious threat named "A" who terrorizes group of friends after their best friend goes missing. In the pilot, Aria Montgomery enters a cringe-worthy relationship with Ezra Fitz, her high-school English teacher.

If the inappropriate age gap wasn't enough, Ezra knew about Allison and who Aria was before he met her and used her to help him write his book. Fans wanted nothing more than for Aria to break up with him and live a life of her own, but in the end, the two got married.

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7 Molly Cobb (For All Mankind)

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Critics and fans praised Apple TV's For All Mankind for its world-building, multi-faceted characters, and incredible VFX. In the series' first season, NASA welcomes its first class of female astronauts to the space program, including Molly Cobb. Cobb became the first American woman in space and on the moon. Her snarky remarks, brilliance, and bravery made her a quick fan favorite.

After a solar storm on the moon, Cobb lost her eyesight and eventually went blind. While Cobb couldn't return to space, she became the head of the Astronaut office and space program. Fans loved this satisfying ending, but it was all undone when a domestic-terrorist attack blew up the Space Center, which killed Cobb.

6 Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

10 TV Drama Characters Who Deserved Better Endings (5)

Game of Thrones garnered HBO a record-breaking number of viewers during its eight-season run. One of the most vital characters in the series was Daenerys Targaryen, one of House Targaryen's last-surviving members who plans on reclaiming the Iron Throne.

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Daenerys was a strong and determined woman who faced many obstacles, including a miscarriage and a forced marriage. Once her three dragons hatched, fans believed Daenerys would reclaim the Iron Throne. However, in an upsetting and unforgettable ending, the Game of Thrones writers ruined her entire character arc by turning her into a murderous villain.

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5 Jackie Taylor (Yellowjackets)

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Jackie Taylor is the team's captain and one of the best Yellowjackets' characters because she has one of the most pivotal storylines. The Yellowjackets' plane crashes when the team are heading to a championship game, which leaves Jackie and her team stranded in the woods for over a year. Jackie struggled to adjust to living in the woods, and her teammates constantly scolded her for not helping out.

After an argument, Mari and Shauna kicked Jackie out of the cabin and forced her to sleep outside. Unfortunately, Jackie died in her sleep due to unexpected snow. If her untimely death wasn't tragic enough, the Yellowjackets decided to cremate Jackie's body, but because her body cooked, the girls decided to eat her.

4 Eddie Munson (Stranger Things)

10 TV Drama Characters Who Deserved Better Endings (7)

Stranger Things Season 4 introduced Eddie Munson, the leader of the Hellfire Club and Hawkin High's D&D club. He was a good friend and role model to the party, but he was especially close with Dustin. After Chrissy's death, Hawkins police labeled Eddie as the main suspect, and the town quickly targeted him as a villain.

Although audiences and the gang knew Vecna was behind the attacks, Eddie was never given a chance to prove his innocence before he sacrificed his life in the upside-down to protect Dustin and his friends. While the Duffer Brothers have always killed off fan favorites, Eddie's death was still a heart-wrenching shock. Eddie deserves better, especially since it was going to be "his year."

3 J.T. Yorke (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

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Following the success of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, CTV rebooted the series with a new cast of characters for Degrassi: The Next Generation. J.T. Yorke quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to his cheery attitude, witty jokes, and defiant attitude.

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J.T. Yorke and Liberty hated each other for most of Degrassi: The Next Generation, but the two ended up becoming romantically involved, with Liberty even getting pregnant. After Liberty decided to keep the baby, J.T. worked to provide for them until two Lakehurst boys killed him while he was on his way to tell Liberty he loved her. J.T. deserved better than this unexpected and anticlimactic death. When his friends honored him at graduation, it broke fans' hearts all over again.

2 Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy)

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Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy follows the lives of the interns, residents, and doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and the show is currently the longest-running scripted primetime series on ABC. One of Grey's Anatomy's original characters, Alex Karev, started as an intern before becoming a pediatric surgeon. He began the show as an insufferable playboy, who everyone - except Izzie - disliked.

Throughout 16 seasons, Karev had one of the best arcs that transformed him into a kind, supportive friend and an incredible doctor. However, Karev exited without any goodbyes, leaving his current partner, Jo, and all his friends to raise his kids with Izzie. The Grey's Anatomywriters wrote his character out in the worst possible way, as he didn't even appear for his farewell.

1 Poussey Washington (Orange Is The New Black)

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Orange is the New Black's Poussey Washington has always been a fan-favorite character, thanks to her playful youth and compelling friendship with Taystee. While Poussey goes through her fair share of hardships throughout Orange is the New Black, she remains one of the most optimistic characters who cheers up everyone else.

In one of the most shocking and heartbreaking twists, Corrections Officer Bayler suffocates and kills Poussey during a peaceful protest. She was protesting for better treatment of Litchfield Penitentiary's prisoners, and her death is a tragic moment that results in the loss of one of Orange is the New Black's best characters.

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